I'm Scott Wheeler, a Web Designer & Developer.

Tasteful, bespoke site design. Hand-built and gracefully adapted for viewing on any device. Coded with love, just like grandma’s thanksgiving pie.


Corporate rebranding and styling updates. Flexible template designs, custom page content, and implementation.

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Portfolio Site for a Content Writer.

Isometric image of smartphone displaying website sample.

Website for a Record Store.

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Pretentious Phrase Generator

Feeling like the least interesting person at the party? Don't just contribute to the conversation, gain the Upperhand™. Decimate the competition and display your formidable knowledge of obscure art genres with randomly generated condescending statements.

Tip Calculator

Just the Tip™ is a tip calculator, and nothing more. Get your total cost including tip, with or without tax. Splitting a meal with friends? No problem, Just the Tip™ can find the amount for each person to contribute.


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